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Happy Ears for Travelers

A “must have accessory’ for every traveler. 

Offered in sizes small, medium and large, Happy Ears are a comfortable alternative to traditional one size fits all “airplane earplugs”

Happy Ears are also reusable and discreet making them practical for use not just during flight, but during cruises, train travel or daily commuting. Once you arrive at your destination you’ll sleep soundly with the earplug Forbes says is the “Best Earplug for Sleep”.  

Earplugs are NOT a one size fits all product. Start with our “Discovery pack” to determine the perfect size for your ears. 

Customer Reviews:

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Great for air travel and for sleep on the road.  Also an amazing value…My first pair of Happy Ears lasted nearly a year!” Happy Customer – Singapore

* * * * *  

“I’m on the road 100 days/yr and can tell you Happy Ears are a must have for any road warrior” – Happy Customer Boston, MA


Made in Sweden   

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Happy Ears "Discovery Pack" (3-pack)

$34.50 $30.00

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