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“Best Earplugs for Sleeping” – Forbes Magazine 


No more painful one size fits all earplugs.

Sleep doctors who warn against drugstore foam (too big for the average ear canal) recommend Happy Ears as a reusable and comfortable earplug for sleep.

Forged from superior design, Happy Ears are a “simple yet advanced” earplug that help you sleep better.  

Comfortable, reusable and EXTREMELY durable – A great value for consumers!

Earplugs are NOT a one size fits all product. Start with our “Discovery pack” to determine the perfect size for your ears. 


Customer Reviews:

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Great for side sleeping! Very comfortable and great value…Happy Ears are extremely durable.” – Happy Customer London, UK

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Most comfortable earplug I’ve ever used for sleep. The oval shape and short soft stem is genius.” – Happy Customer Seattle, WA


Made in Sweden of FDA approved materials  

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Happy Ears "Discovery Pack" (3-Pack)

$34.50 $30.00

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