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We all live in a world with sounds. But in this world of “more of everything”, an increased level of noise has become the end product. Sometimes this is just an annoying element, in other occasions it can be harmful. Our job is to solve the problem. We believe everyone should be able to continue to enjoy his or her everyday life, even if this is in a sometimes-noisy environment. We create earplugs that protect ears and hearing, without blocking out necessary sound. We want everyone to have happy ears.

Our Reason for being

An ever-increasing noise-polluted environment surrounds us. To allow you to continue to work, to chat, to sleep effortlessly and all the other things we do in this world, we have created a suitable ear protection. We think that our earplugs are the best (of course), but in earnest, all our users have gone from using other brands to Happy Ears. And they are, well… Happy.

The earplug we have produced is made from the best possible materials with the latest technology to feel comfortable, look interesting and to function in a new way. The company, the production and we ourselves are based in Sweden, but we create earplugs for everyone around the world.

The Background

The noise level in our society is being cranked up every year. City-generated, ambient background and high volume sounds. This can lead to the development of noise-induced hearing loss and varying degrees tinnitus. The prevailing method to solve this problem is with foam-based earplugs, which block out sounds at all level making, for instance, conversations difficult. Hence the needs for something better.

Comparison between Happy Ears, professional and regular foam earplugs.
Source foam earplug: Berger-Lindgren. Source Happy Ears: Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

With you, the user, in mind
We think you are a bit like us, finding that, for example that health is important. We live physically active everyday lives and we think about what we eat. At least, we try. And in these areas we have some control. But unfortunately our ears get some pounding in the ever-increasing noisy environment we live our lives in.
We all are surrounded by ambient city sounds; the screeching racket from the commuter train, the over-crowded buses, the loud-mouthed youngsters in the bar... we could go on but we think you get the idea.
So when we created the Happy Ears earplug we thought of you, and ourselves. And then we thought a bit more and said: “9-10 bucks for a pair of really useful earplugs when the concert ticket costs over one hundred dollars, could be worth it.”

Happy Ears were crowned the winner of the ”Product of the year” award for its revolutionary earplugs. The award is an annual prize given by DesignTorget in order to highlight the designers who over the past year have created the most creative, well-designed, innovative and sellable product. /p>

Our Users

Some of our first-time users need a fewminutes to adapt and feel the distinct difference between an earplug from Happy Ears and regular foam ones. But after a few minutes they said, “it’s the best earplug I have ever tried.” Many refer to the “good fit and clear sound” and feel it is natural to stay loyal to the Happy Ears brand and would never look back.

”Using innovative problem solving and strong design this product has reached a hard-to-please audience and succeeded in the difficult task of making earplugs attractive.” — DesignTorget

Core Value: Innovative

We want our product to solve problems, be simple to use and be easy on the eye.With a focus on the future, we strive to use design and state-of-the-art materials in a new way. In short: be innovative.

Core Value: User friendly

We want to give people a choice to improve their everyday life by using earplugs from Happy Ears. By doing so they know it is the best possible product, solving a real – or potential – problem better than the competition. And with ease.

Core Value: Authentic

We believe in creating with credibility. Without credibility we are nothing. But this is something you cannot control yourself; opinion about credibility arrives with the user and has to be built up over many years. The only thing we strive for is to do our best in all things we do. And to be honest and genuine.

"Protecting your ears while keeping good sound quality."

Our view on our partners

We view our partners as friends and extended family. And we give a big hug to anyone who shares the same values and interests as we do. Established and respected pharmacies, design stores, wholesale stores and convenience stores are our main partners when it comes to distribution. These are all natural arenas for our end-user when they are looking to buy their next pair of earplugs.


Small earplugs: Fits small ear canals. 20% of our users wear small.

Medium earplugs: Fits the majority. 60% of our users wear medium.

Large earplugs: Fits large ear canals. 20% of our users wear large.

Medium earplugs: Fits the majority. 60% of our users wear medium.

Information about nominal diameter:

Covers the range from (mm):
S: 6-8 mm (red),
M: 8-9 mm (white),
L: 9-10 mm (black).


High: 26 dB
Medium: 23 dB
Low: 22 dB
SNR: 25 dB

Quick facts:

Reusable: Typically last 2-3 months when used daily. Each package includes a storage case.

Comfortable: Happy Ears unique oval shape and small, medium and large sizes ensure a great fit for 98% of ears. No expanding foam, so no discomfort or pain.

Discreet: The translucent & short stem means you can use Happy Ears earplugs for concerts or in any public place without feeling self-conscious.

Versatile: Happy Ears are the best earplugs that are not custom made with an SNR 25 dB. This in combination with Happy Ears being reusable, discreet and having a short soft stem means they can be used from everything from sleep, concerts, travel, study, swimming (under a swim cap) and motorcycling.

Tinnitus Relief: There is no cure for tinnitus, but Happy Ear’s discreet and reusable earplugs are a “must have accessory” that allows anyone the ability to turn down the volume in life providing potential tinnitus relief.

Easy maintenance: Happy Ears are waterproof earplugs. Simply use warm water and soap to clean.

Easy maintenance: Happy Ears are waterproof earplugs. Simply use warm water and soap to clean.

Attenuation values in dB at various frequencies:

Frequency (Hz) 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
* standard deviation (dB), ** assumed protection value
Average att (dB) 26.0 25.9 25.0 29.2 33.6 30.6 29.2
STD DEV (dB)* 5.8 4.8 5.6 4.3 4.4 5.4 7.1
APV **(84%) 20.2 21.2 19.4 24.8 29.3 25.2 22.2