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Happy Ears for Tinnitus Relief

“A must have for anyone suffering from tinnitus”

There is no cure for tinnitus, but Happy Ears can provide relief.  Happy Ears even attenuation (reduction of volume across frequencies) and unique acoustics effectively block irritating background noise while allowing you to communicate and function as normal at work, in public or at home.  Happy Ears are comfortable, reusable and discreet. 

Happy Ears are offered in sizes small, medium & large ensuring a perfect fit for all. Start with our “Discovery pack” to determine the perfect fit for your ears. 

Customer Reviews:  

* * * * *  “I suffer from tinnitus and if not for Happy Ears I would not have been able to continue in my profession. Happy Ears have been life changing!” – Happy Customer Vancouver, CA

* * * * *  “Suffered from tinnitus for a decade until my wife brought home Happy Ears. Now I NEVER leave home without them.  They’ve provided great relief and have allowed me to engage socially once again.” – Happy Customer Seattle, WA


Made in Sweden of FDA approved materials

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Happy Ears "Discovery Pack" (3-pack)

$34.50 $30.00

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