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Frequently Asked questions

1) What size Happy Ears should I purchase?

Earplugs are NOT a one size fits all product, which is why Happy Ears are offered in sizes small, medium and large. To find the Happy Ears that fit your ears best we strongly recommend all first time users start with our "Discovery Pack". If you use an earplug that doesn't fit your ear properly it will either be too large and painful or too small and not effective. An investment we know, but regular earplug users will save a lot of money using Happy Ears. Happy Ears are extremely durable. Daily users report using Happy Ears for 3-12 months. here

If our Discovery Pack is not an option for you, please refer to the size guide on the top right corner (red button) of our shop page. here

Happy Ears Small

Happy Ears Medium

Happy Ears Large

2) How do I insert Happy Ears into my ears?

Insert the large oval tip into your ear. Don’t push Happy Ears deep into your ear canal. The earplug should naturally seal against the base of your ear canal. It can take a minute for first time users, so play around with the product until it rests naturally and comfortably in your ear. Once you feel that it fits properly you'll see how simple Happy Ears are to use.

3) How much protection do Happy Ears provide?

Happy Ears have been tested and CE certified at the EU office of Occupational Health. Based on these rigorous standards, Happy Ears are certified to reduce volume by 25 dB. This data is printed on the back of every Happy Ears package. Do not purchase earplugs in metal canisters or cardboard boxes that do not have this information on their packaging. These products are not CE certified.

4) Can I use Happy Ears during sleep?

Absolutely! Forbes magazine says Happy Ears are the "Best Earplug for Sleeping" and sleep doctors recommend Happy Ears as a comfortable alternative to foam earplugs, which are often too big for the average ear canal. One reason Happy Ears are so comfortable is they come in a size that fits your ears. Earplugs are not a one size fits all product. The short soft stem make Happy Ears particularly comfortable for side sleep.


Yes, Happy Ears are the best earplugs for concerts. Happy Ears reduce volume by 25 dB, but they reduce volume more evenly across frequencies (attenuation) than any non-custom made earplug. This even attenuation is what makes Happy Ears the best concert earplugs. If you're a music lover "trust the attenuation".

High: 26 dB
Medium: 23 dB
Low: 22 dB
SNR: 25 dB

6) Can Happy Ears be used by children?

Yes Happy Ears can be used by children, but we strongly advise parents to supervise their children's use of earplugs. Safety, when putting anything into one's ear should always be considered.

7) What are Happy Ears made of?

The core is made out of a FDA approved ABS, and the outer part is made of FDA approved thermoplastic elastomer (medically approved material).

8) How long do Happy Ears last?

Happy Ears are extremely durable. We can not guarantee Happy Ears to last for any specific time, because all ears and skin are different and they have a differing impact on Happy Ears FDA approved materials over time. If used daily for sleep, Happy Ears typically last 3-12 months. Many customers report using one pair of Happy Ears for up to one year. Bottom line, Happy Ears are extremely durable offering a great value for consumers. Daily users of foam or wax earplugs will save a lot of money using Happy Ears.

9) I'm allergic to certain ingredients. Is Happy Ears tested for allergy?

All materials are allergy tested and our factory in Sweden is ISO 9001:2008 certified and only FDA approved materials have been used.

10) Can I clean or how do I clean my Happy Ears?

Yes, simply use soap and warm water or rubbing alcohol to clean your Happy Ears. We have many reviews from customers raving their Happy Ears made it through the washing machine, but we don't recommend this.