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Swedish Motorcycle Association – “Best Earplugs for Motorcycling”

Cool Hunting – “Simple & Advanced”

DT – “Strong Design”


Fact – Happy Ears reduce volume (including wind) 25 dB and reduce it more evenly across frequencies (Attenuation) than ANY non-custom made earplug and NOTHING is more important to your safety when riding.

Happy Ears unique acoustics protect your ears, while allowing you to “hear the road”, making them Essential Motorcycle Gear.

Happy Ears are offered in sizes small, medium and large to ensure a perfect fit for your ears with a short soft stem ensuring a comfortable fit under your helmet.

Start with our “Discovery pack” to determine the perfect fit for your next ride.


Customer Reviews:

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“Best earplugs I’ve used in 40-years of motorcycling” – President, SMC

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No filters or mechanics, yet the acoustics are superb! Great earplugs for motorcycling” Happy Customer – Austin, TX


Made in Sweden 

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Happy Ears "Discovery Pack" (3-Pack) Earplugs

$34.50 $30.00

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