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Earplugs for small ears

Happy Ears of Sweden has designed earplugs specifically for small ear canals. No more painful „one size fits all“ foam earplugs. Happy Ears offers consumers a simple yet advanced alternative that are easy to use, discreet, very comfortable and affordable.

Quick Facts:
Discreet (Translucent outer tip)
Comfortable for sleep (Even for side sleepers -Soft outer tip)
Easy Maintenance (Soap and warm water)
Made of FDA approved materials

Customer reviews:

* * * * *
„Love these earplugs, they fit snug and never hurt my ears. Nice and small“ – Happy Customer London, UK
* * * * *
„Finally earplugs that fit my ears“ – Happy Customer Toronto, CA
* * * * *
„Happy Ears small size and oval shape is genius“ – Happy Customer Brooklyn, NY

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