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Happy Ears earplugs look different than any other earplug for a reason; Superior design. With no filters or mechanics, Happy Ears has designed a discreet and reusable earplug with the most even attenuation of any non-custom made earplug. This is fact. Creating reusable earplugs that protect ears without distorting sound or blocking necessary sound is our reason for being. We believe everyone should have happy ears.

How it Works - Understanding Attenuation

Attenuation is the reduction of volume across frequencies. Fact – Happy Ears reduce volume more evenly across frequencies than ANY non-custom made earplug and NOTHING is more important in preserving sound quality.

Happy Ears look different than any other earplug for a reason; Superior design. While some foam earplugs offer a higher attenuation (greater reduction in sound) these “one size fits all” products can be painful as they are known to expand your ear canal. For this reason, sleep doctors now warn against foam earplugs for sleep. This is one reason Forbes rated Happy Ears "Best Earplug for Sleeping" and NY Magazine rated Happy Ears "Best Bet”. Happy Ears for Sleep

When it comes to music, the competition offers the same one size fits all “Christmas tree” shaped silicone earplugs and a lot of "high fidelity" marketing. Happy Ears, instead, invested in great design, offering you a better earplug. Happy Ears attenuation was tested at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and the results are shown in the graph below. An even attenuation means the volume of vocals and guitar are reduced at or near the same levels as bass and drums. Other earplugs, not custom made, offer a more uneven attenuation, distorting and destroying the sound…and your concert. Don’t believe the hype – “Trust the Attenuation”. Happy Ears are the best earplugs for concerts. Happy Ears for Music

Happy Ears even attenuation is critically important for motorcycle earplugs. An earplug that blocks certain sounds/frequencies more than others simply is not as safe. Next time you ride, trust Happy Ears. Happy Ears for Motorcycling

In regards to travel, Happy Ears are a comfortable alternative to traditional one size fits all “airplane earplugs”. Happy Ears are versatile, discreet and reusable making them practical for use not just during flight, but for sleep on a cruise, train travel and for sleeping once you’ve arrived at your destination. Happy Ears for Travel

Happy Ears can also offer tinnitus relief. A discreet, easy to use earplug that allows you to control the volume in your life. Imagine being able to reduce irritating background noise while at work or during a conversation with the person next to you. This "relief" is a benefit offered by Happy Ears even attenuation. One reason The Times London hailed Happy Ears “a must have accessory”. Happy Ears for Tinnitus

Comparison between Happy Ears, professional and regular foam earplugs.
Source foam earplug: Berger-Lindgren. Source Happy Ears: Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Attenuation values in dB at various frequencies:

Frequency (Hz) 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
* standard deviation (dB), ** assumed protection value
Average att (dB) 26.0 25.9 25.0 29.2 33.6 30.6 29.2
STD DEV (dB)* 5.8 4.8 5.6 4.3 4.4 5.4 7.1
APV **(84%) 20.2 21.2 19.4 24.8 29.3 25.2 22.2
High: 26 dB
Medium: 23 dB
Low: 22 dB
SNR: 25 dB

Happy Ears were crowned the winner of the ”Product of the year” award for its revolutionary earplugs. The award is an annual prize given by DesignTorget in order to highlight the designers who over the past year have created the most creative, well-designed, innovative and sellable product. /p>

Our Users

Some of our first-time users need a few minutes to adapt and feel the distinct difference of Happy Ears earplugs. After a few minutes though they'll say, “It’s the best earplug I have ever tried.” Users refer to the “good fit and clear sound” and feel it is natural to stay loyal to the Happy Ears brand and never look back.

”Using innovative problem solving and strong design this product has reached a hard-to-please audience and succeeded in the difficult task of making earplugs attractive.” — DesignTorget


Small earplugs: Fits small ear canals. 20% of our users wear small.

Medium earplugs: Fits the majority. 60% of our users wear medium.

Large earplugs: Fits large ear canals. 20% of our users wear large.

Medium earplugs: Fits the majority. 60% of our users wear medium.

Information about nominal diameter:

Covers the range from (mm):
S: 6-8 mm (red),
M: 8-9 mm (white),
L: 9-10 mm (black).