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NY Magazine – “Best Bet”

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Fact – Happy Ears reduce volume more evenly across frequencies (Attenuation) than ANY other earplug and NOTHING is more important to preserving  sound quality.

Don’t be fooled by bogus Hi-Fidelity marketing, gimmicky volume controls or expensive metal filters; Other earplugs reduce the volume of vocals and instruments at varying levels, distorting and destroying the quality of your music.  

Happy Ears even attenuation makes them the “Best Earplugs for Music” (SNR 25 dB).

Earplugs are NOT a one size fits all product. Start with our “Discovery pack” to determine the perfect size for your ears and your next concert.


Customer Reviews: 

* * * * *  A must have accessory for any music lover. The acoustics are just superb!” – Happy Customer Detroit, MI

* * * * *  “Lightweight, comfortable and discreet in the ear. Great sound quality and amazing value when compared to lesser earplugs that cost 2-3x more!” – Happy Customer London, UK


Made in Sweden

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Happy Ears "Discovery Pack" (3-pack)

$34.50 $30.00

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