An ever-increasing noise-polluted environment surrounds us. To allow you to continue to work, to chat, to sleep effortlessly and all the other things we do in in this world, we have created a suitable ear protection. We think that our earplugs are the best (of course), but in earnest, all our users have gone from using other brands to Happy Ears. And they are, well… Happy.

The earplug we have produced is made from the best possible materials with the latest technology to feel comfortable, look interesting and to function in a new way. The company, the production and we ourselves are based in Sweden, but we create earplugs for everyone around the world.

We want to improve people’s lives by reducing noise.

We want our product to solve problems, be simple to use and be easy on the eye. With a focus on the future, we strive to use design and state-of-the-art materials in a new way. In short: be innovative.

User friendly
We want to give people a choice to improve their everyday life by using earplugs from Happy Ears. By doing so they know it is the best possible product, solving a real – or potential – problem better than the competition. And with ease.

We believe in creating with credibility. Without credibility we are nothing. But this is something you cannot control yourself; opinion about credibility arrives with the user and has to be built up over many years. The only thing we strive for is to do our best in all things we do. And to be honest and genuine.

Our vision
We want to improve people’s lives by reducing noise.